How Merkel ‘Creates Causes of Refugee Crisis She Pretends to Fight’

Angela Merkel and Barak Hussein Obama

Angela Merkel and Barak Hussein Obama, Presidential Medal of Freedom. Photo:

Berlin and Riyadh reportedly reached an agreement that the Bundeswehr will train the Saudi military in Germany. According to German CDU politician Willy Wimmer, this move can have drastic consequences for the domestic situation in the country.

“Dr. Merkel [she has a doctorate in physical chemistry] creates the causes of the refugee crisis which she pretends to fight. German politics has never been more irresponsible,” the politician wrote for Sputnik Germany.

Wimmer noted that during their recent meeting, Saudi and German authorities have supposedly agreed that the Saudi government will send to Germany forces involved in the Syrian crisis, which are fighting against the legitimate government of the country.

The politician recalled that the Syrian war has caused a massive refugee influx, with hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers fleeing to Europe. According to him, Merkel’s initiative could aggravate the conflict and result in an even greater number of refugees fleeing to the EU to escape violence.

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