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Thailand’s Massaman spicy soup ranked world’s best food by CNNGO

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BANGKOK, 23 July 2011 (NNT) – Thailand’s Massaman spicy soup has been ranked the World’s best food. According to the poll by, other Thai dishes such as Som Tam and Nam Tok Mu (Spicy barbecue pork salad) have also found their places on the chart at 46th and 19th respectively.

The poll had been carried via Facebook where people were encouraged to submit the name of food they thought was the best in the world and the result was revealed on Thursday.

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3 thoughts on “Thailand’s Massaman spicy soup ranked world’s best food by CNNGO

  1. That should be so!
    Massaman Curry / Masman Curry is a THAI CURRY.
    Willing to debate c anyone on this planet… just write me.. drkanitfood(at)yahoo (dot)com…twitter/kanitthaifood.
    Unlike other infos,
    it is not derived from and not most influenced by Indian cuisine.
    it is probably not an original southern Thai dish.
    I propose that it might have appeared in the Thonburi period being a fusion of Indian, Thai and Muslim (Iranian and Arabic cuisines).
    Best and most likedly born in central Thailand (Siam)… it should be central THAI food dish!
    Earliest recipe Masman Chicken Curry in 1989 AD.
    Other meats are suggested in the first-ever Thai cookbook (1890AD) which I possess.
    Watch out for at end of Sept 2011.
    Wish U lots of good gastronomic tastings

  2. Mistake!
    Earliest printed recipe ie. Massaman Chicken Curry, was published in 1889 (not 1989 AD).
    Thai was a mis-typing. Sorry.

  3. First recipe by Than Phu Ying Plian Pasakornwong (magazine book, 1889).
    Second recipe by Mon Somjeen Rajanuprapun (firstever Thai cookbook, 1890)
    Essential spices include: cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, and optional ginger!

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