Bangkok is one of the most dangerous cities to live in, study says

Thai girls on the street

Thai girls on the street in Bangkok. Photo: akira535 (Pixabay).

Bangkok, along with other Asian cities including Yangon, Manila, and Jakarta, has been named amongst the most dangerous cities in the world to live in — it ranked near the bottom of the Safe Cities Index by magazine The Economist.

The study, which was released last week, analyzed 60 cities in four safety categories including digital, health, infrastructure, and personal security. Bangkok ranked 49th with a score of 60.05 out of a possible score of 100.

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4 thoughts on “Bangkok is one of the most dangerous cities to live in, study says

  1. Simply untrue. It is safer walking around the streets of Bangkok late at night than do it in any US or European capital city.

    Cities such Phnom Penh, Manila or Jakarta are far more dangerous than Bangkok.

  2. I am in Bangkok now, never felt as safe, especially compared to the UK. wHO WRITES THIS STUFF ANYWAY.

  3. Their findings are not far off for Thai citizens … but surely not for expats. There are a lot of major accidents, violent acts, health hazards etc that the Thais face that expats are not exposed to. Yes Manilla and Phnom Penh and others are more dangerous, but again for the locals, not foreigners.

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