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Law prohibiting marriage to foreigners over the age of 50 proposed to Thai Cabinet

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BANGKOK: — The Ministry of Interior are bringing a new proposal before the Cabinet prohibiting foreigners over the age of 50 from marrying Thai nationals.

According to a Ministry spokesperson, statistics show that many older foreigners are marrying much younger Thai women, which is not appropriate and often leads to many problems.

“Many older foreigners seem to marry Thai women so they can stay in Thailand under less strict requirements. Instead of needing to meet the requirements of 800,000 baht in the bank they only have to show 400,000 baht a year when married to a Thai. Additionally, many of these people seem to come to Thailand simply to marry much younger girls. In many cases they are old enough to be their father. I am concerned that these people are attempting to circumvent the rules by marrying innocent Thai women. If these people don’t have enough money to retire then they shouldn’t be here and become a burden to Thailand,” Tawatchai Suksoom of the Ministry of Interior stated.

Note: April Fools’ hoax news!

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9 thoughts on “Law prohibiting marriage to foreigners over the age of 50 proposed to Thai Cabinet

  1. Thailand is absolutely nothing without the foreigners and they know it. If at all these young women want to marry older men then of course many of them also have dubious motives. I think both parties benefit from the union, The older man gets to get a more active partner who can look after him while the Thai lady gets a cash flow that can take care of her and her family. As long as the ladies are not under age I don’t see a problem!

  2. Hi!

    The Thai government is currently working on a new Thai Retirement Visa for foreigners. I was informed that the new law will reduce the age requirement for foreigners planning to retire in Thailand from 50 years old to 45 years old. By doing so, it will make the new Thai’s foreigner husbands 5 years younger.

    Unfortunately, nothing is free, the new law will insist that early foreign retirees (aged 45-49 yrs old) must have Thai Baht 1,000,000 (yes! 1 Million Thai Baht) instead of 800,000 Baht, deposited in a local bank for three months during Retirement Visa application.

  3. This is a ridiculous way to solve the perceived issue. Just take away the discount of being married on amount needed for the visa. Or is this the excuse being used for another reason? It makes no sense. It’s silly and beyond hurtful to many people.

    Does this mean if being 50 one can’t marry a 45 year old? How about 55 year old marrying a 39, 49 or another 55 year old. What nonsense, same short sighted thinking in Cambodia and Laos doesn’t make this a good idea. It smells of bigotry or racism when countries say who can love and be married to whom.

  4. Many rich older Thai men also marry young Thai girls and can also be seen in public dating very young boys. What will you do about that? Anybody in Thailand with common sense will tell you that farang buy or build homes for these young Thai girls and bring much needed money to smaller communities in Thailand.

  5. Just imagine how unfair that would be to the Thai girls: if they can’t marry guys already old they have to wait much longer still to be free to spend the guys fortune!

  6. I fell in love 2.5 years ago with a girl 17 years younger than me.
    I was on a business trip. Not looking for a girlfriend. My girl is 33 and very mature for her age. She has had a very difficult life. The arrogant USA visa system won’t let her in because she is not rich or highly educated. Now the Thai government won’t let us get married?

  7. I married in 2011, my wife was 45 I was 60, we are still together, have 2 beautiful Children, and have a little business in a Village in Sakon Nakhon. Love the Thai people , Love Thailand Culture, LOVE everything , LAWS what I can do and what I cannot do. Its THAILAND you have to obey THEIR LAWS.

  8. not allowed to marry over 50 guy but how old is the woman? What if she is also over 50?

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