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Bangkok tollway accident: Driver of sedan was a 16-year-old girl

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Accident on Bangkok Tollway

Accident on Bangkok Tollway in 2010.

Police say a 16 year old girl, a minor, was driving the sedan that collided with a passenger van in a horror road accident on an elevated tollway section of the Vibhavadi Rangsit highway on Monday night, killing eight people and injuring six others.

They said persons of that age were not entitled to a driver’s licence, nor could they be fully subject to criminal and civil liability for deaths and damage.

Police have not yet charged the unidentified girl, and are compiling more evidence in the case. Footage from traffic cameras shows a brief moment in the accident – a burst at the point of impact from the white Honda Civic she was driving for about 70 metres to standstill – before the van veered off the lane, and out of camera view.

Case investigator Pol LtColonel Chatchai Iamong, of Vibhavadi police station said there would be more questioning of all seven survivors, including the sedan’s driver, after they recovered sufficiently from their injuries.

The female driver of the van, Naruemol Pitathanang, was among the dead.

Source: The Nation

The Nation

4 thoughts on “Bangkok tollway accident: Driver of sedan was a 16-year-old girl

  1. The Thai media reported that the 16 years old girl was seriously injured, however just after the accident that killed eight people and six others were injured, she had a BlackBerry chat at the crash scene. She wrote on Twitter: “I just hit a van a minute ago. I don’t know how many people died 555 (hahaha) so exciting. I will upload pictures”

    My condolences to the victims families.

    Here’s a facebook page with thousands of people discussing this accident:

  2. This incident just proves how ignorant Thai parents are today! They think that providing money, shelter and food is enough!! how naieve! Children will not grow up with parental guidance and support they actually need. Time and persistence is what a child needs so that they can have better judgment and a quality of life. This 16 yr old girl is not fully at fault but its here parents that needs to be responsible. The girl will have to live with this fact here whole miserable life “branded as a murder” which ever way you look at it,. Unless she has not cautious and no humane qualities she will find excuse to clear her from the responsibility. I pray that this will be a good lesson for the other parents, but as we know, Thai ppl forget quickly and that’s exactly why we are still at the back seat of the bus….l.sighhhh

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