Putin runs out of missiles and uses old weapons to encircle the Ukrainian border

Russian rebel observing Ukrainian army positions though firing port at his position near Donetsk, Ukraine

A Russia-backed rebel observing Ukrainian army positions though firing port at his position near Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov. CC BY-SA 4.0.

The use of obsolete and inappropriate weaponry is beginning to be the general tone for Putin’s strategy in the war in Ukraine. Russian troops are being forced to change the type of weapons they have been using so far against ground targets as they have run out of missiles, while they have started to position reservists on the Ukrainian border for future attacks.

According to media outlets such as the British tabloid Mirror, the Russian side is not only using Kh-22 missiles, designed to destroy aircraft carriers, in its attacks against ordinary buildings or shopping malls, but has also begun to redirect surface-to-air defense missiles.

Kim Vitaly, head of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region, warned Friday of this new threat after investigating the latest Russian attacks. According to him, rocket attacks are becoming more frequent, and Russian troops “are remaking S-300 missiles, there are many of them, they put GPS on them to shoot at the ground”, he warned.

According to the latest British intelligence released Saturday by the UK Ministry of Defense, Putin is mobilizing reservists to near the Ukrainian border to launch new attacks.

The statement released via Twitter claims that “a large proportion of new infantry units” of Russian troops “are likely to be deploying with MT-LB armored vehicles taken from long-term storage as their primary transport.”

This type of vehicle “Russia has long considered them unsuitable for most front-line infantry transport roles,” they point out from British intelligence, as they were designed “in the 1950s as a tractor to pull artillery, have very limited armor and only mount one machine gun for protection.”

For this reason, British intelligence does not believe Putin’s claims made last July 7, when he said that the Russian military “has not even begun” its efforts in Ukraine, and claims that many of its reinforcements are troops “deployed with obsolete or inappropriate equipment,” they conclude.

-Thailand News (TN)

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