Popular bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner aka ‘Joesthetics’ dead at 30


Tragic death of bodybuilder and influencer Jo Lindner in the arms of his girlfriend. The 30-year-old athlete, better known as ‘Joesthetics’, was very popular in Pattaya and a referent in his discipline with millions of followers on Instagram.

German bodybuilder Jo Lindner, best known as 'joesthetics'.

German bodybuilder Jo Lindner, best known as 'joesthetics'. Photo: @joesthetics / Instagram.

Jo Lindner, the German bodybuilder and influencer, died in the arms of her girlfriend, known as Nicha, following an aneurysm. The Thai female bodybuilder and personal trainer confirmed that her partner, days before, had felt a pain in her neck.

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Also known as “Joesthetics,” he was followed by more than 8 million people on social media, through which his partner broke the news, and tried to get more and more people to turn to healthy living.

“Jo has been a regular visitor to Thailand and Pattaya for some time and could regularly be seen at local gyms and beaches. He had a positive reputation as always being approachable and happy to speak with his fans and exchange fitness tips,” reports The Pattaya News.

“On Wednesday his neck was hurting and he told me to touch it. Then we both felt something was lumpy. I think it was thought to be normal pain as usual,” Nicha said.

Jo Lindner’s physique had been admired by almost everyone and he had been a mentor to many. Lindner’s discipline had made them a landmark for all aspiring bodybuilders. However, he confessed to steroid use and developed gynecomastia, a condition that causes enlarged breast tissue and burns the nipples. This anomaly produces an aesthetic deformity that causes psychological alterations in the patient.

With more than eight million followers on Instagram and almost one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Joesthetics was an inescapable reference for bodybuilding enthusiasts, who received his advice. On June 30, he died moments after giving his partner a gift: “I was there with him in the room. He put the necklace around my neck that he made for me. Then we lay down and hugged each other.”

Nicha explained that an aunt of the German influencer had passed away 4 years ago from the same cause. “It could be genetic. Anything can happen at any time,” she added.

Nicha’s farewell was joined by that of his friend and colleague Noel Deyzel: “Rest in peace Jo. I’m still checking my phone waiting for your reply so we can meet at the gym. I’m heartbroken, brother. You opened your arms to us. Your generosity to me and others will always remain with me. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It pains me to know you are gone forever man. I love you brother, rest easy.”

“He always told me, ‘Keep going, do more, work harder’ in his strong German accent. That’s what he lived for, he pushed so many of us to give our best without expecting anything in return. He really cared,” he said.

-Thailand News (TN)

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