Physical signs that Putin may be suffering from a serious illness

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller. Photo: The Presidential Press and Information Office / CC BY 4.0.

Lately the non-verbal communication of the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has been strange. Since the beginning of his war with Ukraine, rumors about a possible health problem have not ceased and his latest public appearance seems to increase this hypothesis due to his unusual gestures.

Vladimir Putin has always been very interested in what is projected on his appearance, controlling to the smallest detail that everything in him is energy, strength, vitality and masculinity.

But there are elements of our body that cannot be controlled at will and some media of great international relevance, such as The Telegraph or The Sun, have already published, relying on the opinion of medical experts, the physical signs that Putin could be suffering from a serious illness.

For example, his occasional limping, his noticeably swollen face as a possible consequence of a strong medication or the use of exaggerated distances with other political leaders for fear of catching the disease due to the deficiency of his immune system.

But in addition, in the last video all the alarms went off because, despite being seated at a meeting table with his Minister of Defense, immediately we could all detect that his legs were in constant movement and he seemed to experience some kind of discomfort or pain while literally holding on to the table for at least a quarter of an hour.

From the point of view of non-verbal communication, this body posture is quite unusual, if it were a gesture performed for a few seconds or a few minutes it could imply some discomfort, stress, anxiety, contention, displeasure. It would all depend on the context and the content of the conversation.

But the curious thing is how long this gesture remains static over time, it is too much for it to mean anything of the above, it really gives the feeling that you are holding on.

Nor does it seem to be nervousness or simply an unconscious rigid posture, let’s remember that Putin is highly trained in the management of body language because of his past in the KGB, where this aspect of behavior was a priority in the military training phase.

These images only reinforce the rumors about his state of health and rather than demonstrating his strength and authority, it seems that he has achieved the opposite effect by revealing his own weaknesses.

-Thailand News (TN)

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