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Military junta pledges to “cease violence” against civilians in Myanmar

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The flags of Association of Southeast Asia Nations members in ASEAN

The flags of Association of Southeast Asia Nations members in ASEAN. Photo: Gunawan Kartapranata.

Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) on Saturday secured an unexpected commitment from the Burmese military junta to “cease violence” against civilians and engage in “constructive dialogue with all parties.”

In a consensus statement following a meeting on the Burmese crisis in Jakarta, members of the bloc, including Myanmar, agreed on five points including “an immediate cessation of violence” and “constructive dialogue among all parties to seek a peaceful solution.” In addition, the Burmese military junta agreed to Asean’s mediation intervention and for a special envoy to visit Myanmar to meet with all parties concerned.

The summit, the first international meeting focused on resolving the grave situation in Myanmar, was held privately for nearly three hours and was attended by the controversial presence of the leader of the Burmese military junta, coup leader General Min Aung Hlaing.

Since the February 1 coup that overthrew the democratic government, local residents have staged daily peaceful demonstrations across the country against the military junta and in favor of the release of elected politicians. The brutal crackdown on these protests by the security forces has left at least 745 people dead, most of them shot by police and soldiers.


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