X-Ray Machines to Scan all Incoming Luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Baggage claim at Suvarnabhumi airport

Baggage claim at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. Photo: Hajime NAKANO / Flickr.

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Customs Department said it will complete the installation of 23 x-ray machines at Suvarnabhumi Airport by year end.

A move to improve security checks of luggage of inbound passengers and to prevent smuggling.

“The X-ray Machines will check of luggage from inbound planes before the passengers can claim them. At present we a random check method, which results in smuggled goods being missed” Customs director-general Krisada Jinawijarana said.

Full story: chiangraitimes.com

CTN News / Chiang Rai Times

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