EU to Boost Border Security With AI Lie Detectors That Can Spot Illegal Migrants

Dunkirk Refugees

Dunkirk Refugees in 2015. Photo: Youtube.

The European Union is running trials of a new IBORDERCTRL project aimed at enhancing border security using AI technology.

During the trials, which will be held in Hungary, Greece and Latvia, travelers will be offered to take a lie detector test using an online application and a web camera. An AI-powered, computer-animated border guard will ask travelers a series of questions, watching closely for micro-expressions on their faces, indicating that the person is lying (e.g. about the contents of their luggage).

At the end of the test, Schengen visitors will be marked either as low risk and be allowed to cross the border with ease, or as high risk and thus be subjected to further investigation by actual border guards.

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