US, EU Taxpayers Provided $80 Mln to Support Islamic Terrorism – Think Tank

Muslim Refugees Protest in Berlin, Germany

Muslim Refugees Protest in Berlin, Germany: 'Berlin against ISIS'. Photo: Montecruz Foto / flickr.

A report by the Middle East Forum (MEF) claims that one of the largest Islamic charities, indirectly financed by US and European taxpayers, is linked to terror groups around the world.

Islamic Relief (IR), one of the world’s largest Islamic charities, is entangled in terrorist connections, according to a report by the US think tank Middle East Forum (MEF) obtained by the Daily Caller.

The report claims that IR both accepts and provides money to and from terrorist organizations.

IR purportedly accepts donations from Charitable Society for Social Welfare, which was founded by Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, whom MEF — a group that has tasked itself with seeking out examples of extreme Islamism in the west — claims is an Al-Qaeda terrorist and “Bin Laden loyalist.”

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