Pom Mahakan Community nears deadline for demolition

Bangkok back street, street, spoi

Bangkok backstreet. Photo: Ahron de Leeuw / flickr.

BANGKOK, 24 April 2018 (NNT) – Officials in Bangkok have given residents of the Pom Mahakan Community until tomorrow (April 25) to vacate the area and have continued to demolish structures.

Officials in Bangkok have confirmed that April 25 is the deadline for residents of the Pom Mahakan Community to vacate. However, residents, such as Supanach Prachuabsuk, say they are yet to come to come to terms with their eviction because many were born in the community and remain uncertain as to where they will go next. Other residents, like Pornthep Booranabureedej, have accepted the situation and found new housing. Officials handling the demolition are also assisting community members to relocate.

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Reporter: Itiporn Lakarnchua
National News Bureau of Thailand

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