Ukrainian forces encircle thousands of Russian troops in Liman

Armored column of pro-Russian troops destroyed

Armored column of pro-Russian troops destroyed. Photo: Ukrainian soldiers, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. CC BY 4.0.

The annexation signed this Friday by Putin and not recognized by the international community of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporiyia to Russia has not diminished the Ukrainian forces, which have announced this Saturday that they have already entered the city of Liman, in the east of the country, and considered as a strategically important locality since it is the gateway to the Lugansk region. The town, in the Donetsk region, was used by the Russian army as a vital transport hub.

According to Ukrainian sources, around 5,000 Russian military personnel remained surrounded this morning, the largest siege of a Russian contingent since the beginning of the war.

Ukraine reports at least 20 killed in new Russian attack on humanitarian convoy

The Ukrainian government has announced a new Russian attack against a humanitarian evacuation convoy in the town of Kupiansk, Kharkov region (in the northeast of the country), which has left at least twenty people dead. The Ukrainian governor of the region, Oleg Sinegubov, has assured that “Russian occupants attacked civilians who were trying to escape the shelling”. This allegation comes 24 hours after Ukraine and Russia engaged in a cross accusation over an attack on a “humanitarian convoy” in the region of Zaporiyia which left at least 30 dead and 118 wounded.

Ukraine denounces kidnapping of Zaporiyia Nuclear Power Plant CEO

On the other hand, the Ukrainian state nuclear energy company Energoatom denounced on Saturday the arrest and disappearance of the general director of the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant, Ihor Murashov, and urged Russia to release him immediately. In a message on Telegram, reported by the Unian news agency, Energoatom president Petro Kotin said that on Friday around 16:00 local time a Russian patrol stopped the vehicle in which Murashov was traveling on the road to Enerhodar, detained him, blindfolded him and took him to an unknown location.

UPDATE: Ukrainian forces enter the strategic town of Liman after the Russian retreat

Ukrainian troops have entered the city of Liman, in the east of the country, considered a strategically important locality as the gateway to the Lugansk region. This counteroffensive has not stopped after Russia decreed the annexation of the occupied territories and after President Volodymir Zelensky’s announcement to apply for NATO membership. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the withdrawal of its troops from the area to escape the encirclement they were under siege.

Ukraine has been making advances in eastern Kharkov, reaching beyond the Oskil River, which separated the Ukrainian- and Russian-controlled parts of the region.

-Thailand news (TN)

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