Flood Repeats in Phichit’s Thap Khlo District

Flooded street during Thailand floods in November 2011

Flooded street during Thailand floods. Photo: EU/ECHO/Mathias Eick.

PHICHIT, Aug 11 (TNA) – Flooding recurred in Thap Khlo district of Phichit while a runoff resulting from Storm Mulan hit Prachantakham district of Prachin Buri late last night.

People in the Talad Tai community in Thap Khlo sub-district of Thap Khlo district in Phichit quickly moved belongings to high grounds as flood levels rose fast after heavy rains had continued for a few days. A runoff from the Phetchabun mountain range flooded about 100 houses in the community.

Full story: tna.mcot.net


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