Tourism ministry to improve tourism businesses’ adaptability while retaining Thai identity

Tuk tuk in front a temple in BKK

Tuk tuk in front a temple near the Giant Swing in Bangkok. Photo: pxhere.

BANGKOK (NNT) – The tourism sector is starting to show signs of a gradual recovery, owing to the reopening of the country to international tourists on November 1. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports views the development positively, as tourism revenue is important for the dissipation of income into localities. Thailand will now need to keep its sight set on restoring the tourism industry into a primary driver of its economy.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports intends to drive tourism under the concept ‘Amazing Thailand New Chapter’ in the year 2022. A new image of tourism in Thailand will be presented by many parties in the tourism circle, and tourism-related businesses will develop their products and services in response to the requirements of tourists in the New Normal era. Emphasis will be placed on health and safety as said businesses make use of technology to improve their products and services toward higher standards.

Full story: National News Bureau of Thailand

Reporter: Namo Vananupong,
Rewriter: Thammarat Thadaphrom
National News Bureau of Thailand

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