Myanmar- Activists assert foreign countries’ back for the coup authority

 Myanmar- Activists assert foreign countries’ back for the coup authority

Protest in Myanmar against Military Coup on 14-Feb-2021. Photo: MgHla (aka) Htin Linn Aye. CC BY-SA 4.0.

Activists and protesters against the military coup in Yangon stated that foreign countries continue to back the coup authority to pursue their interests and extend their influence in Myanmar, pointing out that the suspension of some foreign projects like construction and road projects during the time of Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi, which compelled those countries to back the coup to protect Its economic interests and ensure the success of its major investment projects, adding that the ruling military council depends heavily on those countries to stay in power.

“It’s not extraordinary that China stands on the side where they can get a guarantee about their benefit. In my opinion, they will expect the military can put a whole country under their control as quickly as they can then they can try to rerun their halt business and cash flow inside Myanmar. I guess China will not be happy since things are changing (stating the coup) because the investment of China inside Burma is the second-largest and biggest investment for now. Why China supported the seize state power government is very clear, they just want to protect their profits. How can we say that we the people of Myanmar choose the wrong side or can’t persuade the main source of our enemy to our side? During the protest against the military coup, the protesters burning the China flags, giving a speech against China, and boycotting the product from China is the truth hardest thing and hurt a lot upon China. The way of China is very simple, they will build a good relationship with the elected government and protect their profit. The fact from the youth widely spread during this democracy revolution period is that China will not be good forever upon Myanmar.”

Release aung san suu kyi banners at protest in Myanmar against Military Coup
Release aung san suu kyi banners at protest in Myanmar against Military Coup. Photo: MgHla (aka) Htin Linn Aye. CC BY-SA 4.0.

“In the past consecutively reign of the military, there is a lot of promise and agreement about the business between them and China, they want to re-do about all business. In the era of Aung San Su Kyi, some of China’s projects had been suspended. After Aung San Su Kyi wins again in the election, they feel about their business will be suffered, and they won’t let it happen, so it’s not extraordinary that they support the military junta after the military seizes state power. But there is one thing, all nations continuously taking action like sanctions upon the junta. It’s similar to the reign of the military must have to be careful about it. When all nations decided to impose a sanction and debar upon them, in previous, they quite close with China in business, became a strong powerful relation with China. Honestly, the military council has nothing, they just alive because of China. Ok, so how much China trust in the military council? How much they have limited trust in the military council? It’s becoming to be a question.02:54 The truth is if something happened to China’s profit, I’m pretty sure they would release their join hands with the military council”

“Why China support the seize state power by the military, there is only one main reason, just because of their profits. They especially worried that they can’t be manipulated anymore about their projects like belt and road project. And also they are scared and worried about Myanmar join together with Americans in the future. Just because they had a lot of concern about influencing the western countries especially the European Union and America upon Myanmar, that’s why China is supporting and recommending the coup. In the past military, when Western countries sanction Myanmar, we rely on China for international investment. Like that condition, we can say that China wants to go back on the previous situation like before”

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