Facebook pushing back on demands from Myanmar’s military government

Facebook Icon at Facebook event

Facebook Icon at Facebook event. Image: m. m. h. / Public Domain Pictures.net.

Last week we reported on the military coup in Myanmar, with the undemocratic government installed in the region having requested a blackout on social media platforms until 7th February. Facebook and its associated services were outlined by the government, with many ISPs and networks in the country acquiescing to demands.

Facebook was targeted in particular as it was viewed as “inciting violence” among those who apposed the military coup. It is also a platform that many people rely to get their news, which is another reason why coup leaders want it to be inaccessible.

In response, Facebook recently highlighted the steps it is staking to fight back against the military government’s efforts, and in particular that its platform is not used to spread misinformation.

Full story: htxt.co.za


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