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Russians horrify doctors with methods they use to treat COVID-19

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Ambulance in Tomsk, Russia

Yellow ambulance in Tomsk, Russia. Photo: Ilya Plekhanov.

Whether it is a common cold or coronavirus, Russians do not call doctors and independently ‘prescribe’ treatment for themselves at the disease’s first symptoms. On the first day of illness, 18% of Russians start taking antibiotics.

Another 14% take immunomodulators, 24% try to suppress the disease with vitamins, according to a survey, where 80% of the respondents admitted that they opt for self-medication.

The most popular self-medication method is drinking hot tea or milk. Some other respondents suppressed the disease with the help of alcohol – ‘vodka with pepper,’ Izvestia reports. Along with drinking a few vodka shots, some consumed a lot of hot pepper with a couple of aspirin tablets.

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