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dtac acquires 700 MHz spectrum to further strengthen its network

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dtac acquires 700 MHz spectrum to further strengthen its network

dtac acquires 700 MHz spectrum to further strengthen its network. Image: dtac.

June 19, 2019 – dtac is preparing for the future by acquiring 700 MHz spectrum, which will further enhance its spectrum portfolio and improve network coverage nationwide. The new spectrum will also be used for future 5G development and make dtac the operator with the widest downlink bandwidth of 80 MHz, out of the total 130 MHz in its current portfolio (including 2300 MHz in partnership with TOT).

Mrs. Alexandra Reich, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PLC dtac, said, “dtac will never stop improving. By acquiring 2×10 MHz of the low-band 700 MHz spectrum, we will continue to expand network coverage and increase network capacity. The network coverage already covers 94% of total population of Thailand. And the 700 MHz spectrum will further improve dtac’s network position nationwide.”

The spectrum license cost 17.584 billion baht and is valid for 15 years starting from October 2020 or until determined otherwise by the NBTC. It does not only improve customer experience but can also be used for future 5G deployment.

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