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Online Store Sells $650 “Thought Box” That You Put Over Your Head to Just Think

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A carton box

A carton box. Image: BedexpStock / Pixabay.

With open offices being so popular these days and distractions pretty much everywhere you look, it can be difficult to find a personal space to gather your thoughts. But with the Thought Box, a $650 cardboard and fabric box that you put over your head, you can enjoy some personal place anywhere.

The Thought Box is exactly what it sounds like – a box to help you think. Just have a seat on the included Thought Stool, put the box over your head and use the earplugs that come with it to detach from everything around you and just think. If that sounds like the kind of thing you need in your hectic life, head on over to The Form Emporium online store and order one today. Just know that you’ll have to pay £495 ($650) for it.

The Thought Box kit is proudly made in Great Britain and consists of a cardboard and fabric (lycra) box, an internal plastic helmet that can be adjusted to fit the user’s head, ear plugs, and 5 interchangeable colored fabric filters to suit your mood. It also comes with a Thought Stool made from solid beech. So yeah, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this one.

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