Australian Muslims Furious Over PM Slamming Radical Islam After Melbourne Attack

The Melbourne skyline

The Melbourne skyline after sunset. Photo: Diliff.

Following a terror attack that claimed the life of one person and left two more injured, the Australian prime minister criticised radical religious teachings, specifically radical Islam and urged religious leaders to be proactive in preventing their flocks from being affected by such teachings.

Several Australian Muslim groups have slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his speech on the knife attack that took place on 9 November on Bourke Street in Melbourne, SBS News reported. The Australian National Imams Council said it was ‘outraged’ by the prime minister’s statements and accused him of “politicising the incident and using it for political gain”.

The Forum On Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) claimed the perpetrator, who committed the attack had little to do with Islam and was a “mentally ill person suffering from a psychotic episode”. The Forum urged the prime minister not to make whole Muslim community a ‘scapegoat’ for a single man’s actions.

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