British MH370 Hunters Scrap Search for Missing Boeing, Fearing for Their Lives

Malaysia Airlines B777-200ER (9M-MRG)

Malaysia Airlines B777-200ER (9M-MRG). Photo: Kentaro Lemoto.

A couple of amateur wreck hunters have gone to Cambodia to prove their theory, which could become a massive development in the search for the Malaysian Airlines flight. However, instead of finding the truth, they faced an unfriendly environment and overwhelming physical demands.

Ian Wilson, an enthusiastic truth-seeker who claims to have spotted the crash site of the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing on Google Maps, has abandoned his search mission, claiming that completing the endeavor would be too dangerous.

Wilson, a British-based video producer, embarked on a five-mile journey through Cambodian jungle together with his brother Jack last week. According to the volunteer explorers, the suspected site was four miles north of Cambodia’s tallest peak, Phnom Aoral, with the route to it running through wild and dense tropical forests full of waterfalls and boulders.

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