Rise of the Right in EU: ‘People Don’t Want to be Raped and Robbed’ – Academic

African 'refugees' in Germany

African economic migrants in Germany. Photo: pxhere.

The EU-promoted globalist agenda, socioeconomic experiments and migrant policies have prompted rejection among Europeans and triggered a rise in the power of conservative parties, Sweden-based academic Dr. Bilyana Martinovski told Sputnik, discussing the Swedish 2018 vote and shedding light on the silenced surge in rape cases in the country.

The rise of conservatism in Europe is “a natural reaction to extremely violent leftist and globalist policies,” Sweden-based academic Dr. Bilyana Martinovski, an associate professor in human-machine interaction, told Sputnik, referring to the emergence of right-wing and anti-migrant parties across Europe.

“Generally and historically, right equals conservatism: family values, big individual freedom, small government, free market, etc.,” she highlighted, commenting on the stigmatization of right-wing parties by the liberal MSM in Europe. “So, right has nothing to do with leftist ideologies such as international socialism or Mussolini’s Big State fascism, other than as opposition to those. I don’t think there is a rise of the ‘right’ in the sense of ‘Hitler’ or nationalism. There is a rise of people who want to stay alive without being raped, robbed and murdered. One could call it ‘patriotism,’ I would call it ‘survival.'”

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