PM tells 18 years old youth to go to the polls in next election

Thai Ku Fa, the Government House of Thailand

Government House of Thailand or Thai Ku Fa in Bangkok. Photo: Tranwill.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha urged Thai youth aged 18 and upward to go to the polls in the next election and advised them not to vote for the candidates they are familiar with so they will get a government with good governance.

“The election in the future is important for everyone of you. Don’t say that you don’t like politics so you don’t go to the polls. Then you will get what you used to get. And it will be this way all along. Must go to the polls, everyone who is 18, whether you like it or hate it. Must go to vote. This is the first step and whether we will get a government with good governance or not. Elect the people whom we trust, don’t elect because they are faimiliar, because they are not good, we must elect the other people. Isn’t it?” said the prime minister to a group of students during his visit to Bung Seefai district, Phichit province as part of the mobile cabinet meeting on Monday and Tuesday.

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