Author Warns ‘Heart of Western Civilization Risks Being Colonized by Migrants’

African 'refugees' in Germany

African economic migrants in Germany. Photo: pxhere.

With Europe dealing with a major migrant crisis, European pundits warn about a different kind of threat – the crisis of identity which results in traditional values being replaced by artificial simulacra.

Gianluca Marletta, Italian writer and author of books such as “Manipulations Factory” and “Unisex: The Loss of Sexual Identity,” told Sputnik Italia that Europe today appears to be deliberately promoting the “denial” of its own values.

“What defines Western culture today is, in fact, the exaltation of the temporary, the precarious and the ephemeral in all aspects of existence, which is really a contradiction. No civilization has ever been able to prosper and, above all, continuously exist by relying on such inconsistent foundations,” he said.

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