Finland’s New Interior Minister ‘Ready’ to Increase ‘Quota Refugees’ Tenfold

European migrant crisis

European refugee crisis. Photo: bykst (Pixabay).

The Nordic country’s new-minted Interior Minister is ready to take in as many as 10,000 refugees, which is ten times Finland’s share of today – if the EU agrees on a common solution.

Second-generation MP and Finland’s former Trade Minister Kai Mykkänen of the National Coalition Party, who was sworn into office on Monday, is ready to significantly increase the number of resettlement refugees his nation receives each year, according to the Hufvudstadsbladet daily.

Should the EU prove itself capable of reaching a common ground on this issue, Mykkänen is ready to blow up his country’s share to 10,000 refugees a year, as opposed to between 750 and 1,050 annually received by Finland in recent years.

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