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Beleaguered Daesh Releases How-To Manual for Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks

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European migrant crisis

European refugee crisis. Photo: bykst (Pixabay).

The Turkish branch of Daesh has put out an e-book to train amateur radicals on the basics of terrorist attacks. The 66-page “Lone Wolf’s Handbook” includes information on subjects such as bomb making, truck attacks, property destruction and so on according to the Washington Times.

The manual also contains 174 illustrations and seven charts. Written in Turkish, it urges readers to conduct terrorist attacks against European and American cities. It contains detailed instructions for destroying cars and buildings, setting forest fires, setting highway traps and other subjects, and was released online via encrypted channels.

A video also released by Daesh called for “lone wolves all over the world to stand up and to initiate attacks of any kind.” The speaker in the video, a young teenager, called on the viewers to read and implement the strategies detailed in the book.

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