Turkey confirms death of two suicide bombers in Ankara attack


One of the two terrorists, prepared as a human bomb, blew himself in front of the Ministry and the other was killed before he could do so. In the vicinity of the site is the Parliament, where Erdogan is scheduled to be present.

View of the city and mosque wza in Ankara, Turkey.

View of Ankara and mosque wza. Photo: Burgert Behr.

The Turkish government has confirmed that the two people who attacked the Interior Ministry in Ankara on Sunday morning were suicide bombers of whom one blew himself up and the other was killed before he could do so.

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“One of the two bombers, prepared as a human bomb, blew himself up at the door of the ministry and the other was neutralised with a shot to the head before he had a chance to do the same,” Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya told reporters.

He added that the two injured policemen are undergoing treatment but there are no fears for their lives.

The minister did not attribute the attack to any specific group, and only pledged that the government would continue to fight resolutely against “all kinds of terrorism and organised crime”.

Moments earlier, Yerlikaya had promised on the X network, formerly Twitter, to “fight resolutely against terrorism and its collaborators among poison merchants, gangs and organised crime organisations”, an apparent reference to alleged links between armed political groups and drug trafficking.

In his appearance, the minister warned that images of the attack should not be disseminated on social media and that a judicial investigation is being launched against those who do so.

Several Turkish journalists have circulated on the web X videos allegedly recorded by security cameras in which a light van is seen to pull up outside the door of the Ministry and two men get out, one of whom runs towards the entrance and the other stands in front of the vehicle in a position to shoot as a huge explosion occurs.

According to the Turkish daily Sabah, the car has already been identified as belonging to a veterinarian in the province of Kayseri, some 300 kilometres southeast of Ankara.

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The man was found shot in the head last night in the village of Avlaga in a mountainous area in the south of the province and it is assumed that the perpetrators of the attack killed him to steal his vehicle, according to the newspaper.

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