Fake News will become endemic in Thailand

Social media icons on smartphone screen

Social media icons on smartphone screen. Photo: Pxhere. CC0.

Over 7,000 fake news stories were reported in Thailand last year, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES). The statistics indicate that most fake news involved misleading information about Thai government policy and healthcare.

Fake news warning denies Phuket Governor is illegal migrant smuggler

As fake news has been growing Thailand, due to the increasing use of technology, people are now more aware of the problem. The quantity of fake news does not, however, seem to be reducing, said by Dr. Santiphap Phoemmongkhonsap, the Deputy Director of the Anti-Fake News Center of Thailand, at a seminar in Bangkok on ‘Training for the Trainers to Counter Misinformation and Disinformation in Life Sciences and Engineering’.

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By Thai PBS World

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