Huge drug haul seized from a truck in Sukhothai province

Thai police road checkpoint in Chiang Rai

Thai police road checkpoint. Photo: shankar s. / flickr. CC BY 2.0.

Thai police seized one million methamphetamine pills and 499kg of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) from a six-wheel truck, abandoned by its driver on a roadside in Kong Krailat district of Thailand’s northern province of Sukhothai, on Friday night.

Thai Army reacts to influx of drugs across North border

Pol Maj-Gen Teeradej Thumsutee, commander of the investigative division of Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) said that the huge haul is believed to have belonged to the drug trafficking network led by Natthaphong, aka “Eia Guai Khao Bin”, who was previously arrested, along with 200,000 meth pills, 233kg of crystal meth and 746g of heroin.

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