Assistant District Chief, Volunteers Wanted for Drug Gang Extortion in Songkhla

Padangbesa in Sadao District, Songkhla

Padangbesa in Sadao District, mohigan.

SONGKHLA, Oct 25 (TNA) – The Songkhla provincial court has issued warrants for the arrest of an assistant chief of Rattaphum district and five district volunteers for allegedly extorting money from a drug gang after their sting operation.

Earlier the six men told police that on the night of Oct 18 a gang of armed men robbed them of the seized methamphetamine that they used in a “subsequent sting operation” after they had arrested a drug trafficker with 20,000 speed pills. They told police that the gang also took their five guns and mobile phones as well as the car of the assistant chief of Rattaphum district. The incidents took place in Rattaphum district of Songkhla.

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