Volatile Weather Brings Heavy Rain and Hail to Upper Thailand

The result of a hailstorm

The result of a hailstorm. Photo: Julian Colton.

PHAYAO (NNT) – Upper Thailand has been experiencing volatile weather, with rain, gusts and hail occurring in some areas. Parts of Phayao province have experienced some of the biggest hail storms in recent memory.

In Phayao, heavy hail has fallen in both Phu Kamyao and Dok Khamtai districts. A Facebook user posted pictures of the scenes in Phu Kamyao after the storms, comparing the “beautiful” sights to snow. The user noted that 2-3 utility poles pelted by the hail were severely damaged, resulting in power outages over an entire subdistrict. The post also said road users were forced to exercise extreme caution on slippery surfaces, with accidents occurring in some sections.

Full article: National News Bureau Of Thailand

Reporter: Natthaphon Sangpolsit,
Rewriter: Paul Rujopakarn
National News Bureau Of Thailand

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