If you own a Xiaomi Mi A3, do not upgrade to Android 11

Xiaomi Mi A3 Android One smartphone

Xiaomi Mi A3 Android One smartphone. Image: Mi.com.

The latest update for the popular Xiaomi Mi A3 seems to be bricking many of the devices, so we advise you not to install it.

While it is advisable to update our phone once we have the relevant update available for download, which not only adds new features but also gives us a greater layer of security, in certain cases it is not entirely recommended.

Xiaomi has begun to implement the Android 11 update for the Xiaomi Mi A3, under an installation size of 1.4 GB and that in addition to bringing the new operating system to this device, also brings many other improvements.

It is a step-by-step update, and the first users who have already received it are indicating that once the update is installed, their phone is totally unusable, according to reports from XDA.

This is not the first time that an update for the My A3 has problems, since in early 2020 an update broke the dual SIM functionality in the phone.


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