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‘Leakage’ From 5G Network Could Lead to Dodgy Weather Forecasts, New Study Claims

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Smartphone. Photo: Aaron Yoo / flickr.

Fifth-generation wireless networks promise to herald a new era by making our communication faster than ever before. However, many users are now raising concerns over the effects these technologies could have on our health and some other routine operations.

5G networks could cause inaccuracies in weather forecasts in the future, a new study from Rutgers University scientists revealed.

The research, that was peer-reviewed and submitted to the 2020 IEEE 5G World Forum this month, was set to study the impact of “5G leakage” – a phenomenon when radiation from a transmitter is accidentally emitted into neighbouring frequency channels or bands.

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By Aleksandra Serebriakova
Sputnik International

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