Peaceful Anti-Government protests come to Chonburi

Ang Sila town in Chonburi

Ang Sila town in Chonburi province. Photo: silaporn.

Chonburi – A peaceful anti-government protest took place in Chonburi yesterday evening, attracting a large crowd who afterwards cleaned Bang Saen beach together to help the local community.

The protest, which follows several other larger protests in Bangkok earlier this week, was led by a group calling themselves the Youth Liberation Front. The group, which did not have an official number of participants announced but had varying estimates by organizers and Law Enforcement, was peaceful. Saen Suk police monitored the situation but did not interfere. Local Saen Suk administrative officials were also reportedly present, however merely to help control traffic and observe, ostensibly to ensure physical distancing and Covid-19 precautions were taking place such as mask wearing.

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By Adam Judd
The Pattaya News

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