Coronavirus: Thai and Malaysian officials to block Thais from returning home

Malaysian-Thai border

Malaysian-Thai border at Bukit Kayu Hitam-Sadao. Photo by: Slleong.

NARATHIWAT (NNT) – The emergency operations center, in the border district of Su-Ngai Kolok in Narathiwat Province, is working with the Immigration Department Of Malaysia to block Thai workers from crossing the border in either direction, as both countries are scrambling to contain the spread of COVID-19.

At the time of this report, Malaysia has 1,624 confirmed cases with 16 deaths.

Previously, the Thai embassy in Malaysia issued an order mandating that Thai laborers wishing to return home obtain a medical certificate, clearing them of COVID-19, and a letter from the embassy authorizing their trip home, before flying back to Thailand.

Full story: NNT

Reporter: Na-ark Rojanasuvan,
Rewriter: Tarin Angskul
National News Bureau of Thailand

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