Man Doesn’t Give Up on Dream of Finding a Wife Despite Being Rejected 80,000 Times

Beautiful Chinese girl posing on a railing

A beautiful Chinese girl posing on a railing near a brick wall. Photo: Xuan Zheng / Free Stock Photos.

A Chinese man recently made national news headlines for his years-long struggle to find a suitable wife. He claims to have asked around 80,000 women if they wanted to date him over the last eight years, but got rejected no less than 80,000 times. Ouch!

31-year-old Niu Xiangfeng has been described as a “dating madman” for his aggressive approach to finding a life-partner. He first made the news in 2013, when photos of him walking through the streets of Beijing while holding a sign that advertised his desire to find a wife along with his links to his social media profiles went viral online. His father died of cancer a couple of years prior and he felt like he needed to get married and start a family. Things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped, and five years on, he is still looking for Mrs. Right.

These days, Niu Xiangfeng isn’t walking around with signs anymore, but he’s putting just as much effort, if not more, into finding a wife. He goes on dating websites, befriends women on social media and even walks up to them on the street and asks them if they have a boyfriend. Still, he always gets rejected. Some say it’s because he’s trying to hard and comes off as aggressive or desperate, but Niu has a different explanation.

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