All-out efforts to find trapped young football team starts before dawn today

Mountains in Chiang Rai

Mountains in Chiang Rai Province. Photo: Visions of Domino.

As the search and rescue operations at the caves in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district entered the fifth day on Wednesday, the Royal Thai Air Force today flew in five giant electric water pumps aboard another C130 Hercules transport plane to Chiang Rai to support as rescuers reporting the existing water pumps at the scene could not handle floodwater which continue to flow into the caves, disrupting the Navy Seal rescuers to reach the target place where they believed the football team might take shelter.

At the cabinet meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan this morning, he reported the latest situation at the caves to the cabinet ministers saying the operation faced difficulties from rains that caused water level in the caves to rise disrupting the rescuers to reach the place where the football team might be taking shelter. He also said helicopters sent in to drop rescuers into holes by the mountain to reach the place from another side was also impossible due to rains and fog.

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