Houses near the sea in Sweden

Houses near the sea in Klubbensborg, Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Tommie Hansen.

Syrian Migrant With 3 Wives, 16 Kids Handed 3 Chic Homes at Swedish Resort

A Syrian polygamist and his family have been handed three seaside homes in Sweden, despite the Nordic country suffering from a severe housing crisis. Many locals see this as abuse of hospitality.

Nacka Municipality in Stockholm County has landed itself in hot water for handing over the keys to three homes, worth a staggering 14 million SEK ($1.8 million), to a 57-year-old Syrian newcomer with a large family. All three homes are situated in Saltsjöbaden, a well-known Baltic Sea resort.

The revelations were bought to light after the local party Sweden Democrats Nacka (SD) issued a press release confirming what had previously only been a rumor, after searching through public records to get at the truth. The apartments are worth 5.5, 3.3 and 5.2 million SEK ($700,000, $400,000 and $650,000) respectively. Each of his three wives lives has her own place, with the kids distributed amongst them.

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