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Sweden to Build Whole New Cities to Lodge Migrants, Solve Housing Crisis

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Fittja mosque in Sweden

Fittja mosque in Sweden. Photo: Holger.Ellgaard.

To solve its housing crisis of nightmarish proportions exacerbated by the dramatic influx of immigrants, the Swedish government is poised to build nine new cities with about 100,000 homes across the country.

However paradoxical it may sound, Sweden, one of Europe’s most sparsely-populated countries, is suffering from an acute housing shortage, which has been aggravated by the recent years’ migrant crisis. To accommodate tens of thousands of “new Swedes,” the Swedish government plans to found nine new cities in an unparalleled construction campaign.

In 2016, Sweden’s population rose by almost 1.5 percent, exceeding the symbolic 10 million mark and making it the largest population increase across the EU after only Luxembourg. That year, Sweden’s population rose by 144,000 inhabitants, the main reason being immigration.

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