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Promoting Inclusion, Hygiene Sweden Buys Burkinis for Schoolgirls

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Woman wearing burkini swimwear

Woman wearing burkini swimwear. Photo: Giorgio Montersino.

Across Europe, the so-called modesty swimsuits, burkinis have long been the focal point of the scorching public debate on the acceptance of Muslim garments in public places. A Swedish municipality has added fuel to the fire in the debate by purchasing burkinis for Muslim schoolgirls to participate in swimming lessons.

The municipality of Hässleholm in southern Sweden has pioneered the purchase of burkinis for Muslim girls to raise participation in swimming lessons at schools.

“We know that there are students who cannot participate in the swimming lessons without more covered clothing, so the aim is simply to increase participation as much as we can,” deputy chief Rolf Bengtsson told the Swedish daily Skånska Dagbladet.

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