Fingerprint ID set to be mandatory

Black iPhone 6 Plus

Black iPhone 6 Plus. Photo: JESHOOTS (Pixabay).

All mobile operators will have to introduce an online fingerprint ID system for new prepaid and postpaid mobile SIM card registration, with a tentative deadline set for next February.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), however, compelled all existing mobile users to put their fingerprints in the system on a voluntary basis for their own security benefit.

Full story: Bangkok Post


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  1. What about the significant number of people who do not have readable fingerprints? That number includes me. In the Middle East fingerprinting was embraced as the solution for identification with passports and telephones. Then the authorities found they had to set up a back-up system for those whose fingerprints could not be registered. This backup includes biometric cameras at Saudi immigration desks for instance.

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