Iranian caught with fake gun and real stun gun in Pattaya Hotel

Pattaya seawall

Walking along the beach in Pattaya Soi 10. Photo: Orientalgetaway.

An Iranian accused of an armed robbery at a South Pattaya Hotel room was arrested in the early hours of Thursday.

Police received an urgent call to attend the Hotel located in Soi Yensabai in South Pattaya just after 3.30am where Security Guards had detained a 25 year old Iranian named as Mr. Ali. In his possession was a fake gun and a stun gun which he is thought to have used to attempt a robbery from one of the Hotel rooms.

The alleged victim of the attempted robbery is Mr. Mohammed aged 27 from Dubai who claims to have received a knock on his door and standing there with a gun in his hand was the Iranian who forced entry to the room and began a search for valuables. Mr. Mohammed soon realized that the gun was a fake and began a fight with the armed suspect who then produced a stun gun and pressed it against Mr. Mohammed’s face, causing a minor burn injury. There were others in the room at the time and they were able to detain Mr. Ali until the security guards arrived.

Source: Pattaya One

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