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Crystal methamphetamine dealer arrested in Trang

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

BANGKOK, 16 October 2011 (NNT) – Trang Police on Saturday arrested a young man charged with possession of narcotics and firearms.

Authorities revealed that they attained the whereabouts of the man in questions, Chavalit Kraithep, after interrogating another dealer, Yuthana Liengshieng.

After Mr. Yuthana gave the information, the police issued a search warrant on Mr. Chavalit’s residence and found 19 bags of crystal methamphetamine, known as ICE, worth of 2.8 million THB along with an unregistered automatic handgun with some ammunition.

Mr. Yuthana, together with four other men, last month shot and killed two local men, after investigation, the authority found out that the suspect was a major drug dealer in the area and that he had asked Mr. Chavalit to conceal the evidence.

Mr. Chavalit claimed that the gun and the drugs were given to him by Mr. Yuthana and that he took no parts in the crime. Police gave no further details of the case at this time.

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