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Fossil of an ancient primate found in Lampang, Thailand

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

LAMPANG, 9 March 2011 (NNT)-Scientists have recently discovered a fossil of an ancient species of primate believed to be over 13 million years old in Mae Mo district of Lampang province. The fossil has been royally granted the name of Marcia Sirindhorn.

Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Pimook Simarot and Director-General of the Mineral Resources Department Ms. Porntip Panjaroen have told the press earlier today that the fossil of the animal found is similar to monkeys and has been identified as one of the ancient human species during the early evolution.

The remains suggested that the animal weight around 90-180 grams and have large eye sockets. Ankle bones are particularly long which supports the hypothesis that the animal was able to jump quite far. Its hands are flat with long fingers and claws. According to the report, this animal was omnivore and spent most of its life on trees and only hunted for food such as insects at night. It could move its head the same way human does.


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