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Number of Dengue fever patients in Surin, Thailand hit over 2,300

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View of Surin town in Norteastern Thailand

View of Surin town in Norteastern Thailand. Photo: Thailand News.

SURIN, 5 September 2010 (NNT) – Over 2,300 residents of the northeastern province of Surin have been infected with dengue fever, while the spread of epidemic remains rampant nationwide.

Surin Public Health officer MD Sa-Ard Weeracharoen in Surin has disclosed that the outbreak of dengue has spread to 17 districts of the province. The number of people infected by the fever is well over 2,000; one person is reported to have succumbed to the deadly fever.

According to the doctor, the province of Surin ranks 15th among the provinces nationwide in terms of the number of infections, but first among the provinces in health district 14.

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