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Peace or War in Thailand?

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A dire situation exists in Thailand. The country awaits a likely massacre of a throng of demonstrators, part of the many thousands of “Red Shirt” protestors who’ve camped out in Bangkok for more than three months. This group of ready-to-die Red Shirts is barricaded in the heart of the capitol’s high-end shopping district and the Prime Minister says the military will start shooting any minute now.

The Red Shirts contend that the Prime Minister, brought to power by questionable judicial decisions following a military coup, was not popularly elected. They’re calling for national elections. Some of them hope for the re-election of the former PM, who was charged with corruption but who was moving to improve medical care, education and quality of life for Thailand’s poor majority.

The massacre of the demonstrators by an overwhelming force of heavily-armed soldiers and pro-military counter-demonstrators would make a downward spiral of unhappy events very possible

by Eric Herter

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