Wat Chedi Sao Lang, Lampang

Wat Chedi Sao Lang in Lampang

Wat Chedi Sao Lang in Lampang. Photo: Thanate Tan.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang (วัดเจดีย์ซาวหลัง) literally “The Temple of Twenty Chedis”, is a Buddhist temple located amid rice fields about 6 km from Lampang town in Northern Thailand.

As mentioned above, the temple has 20 chedis which were built in Burmese and Lanna styles. Moreover, the compound has also a small temple. The monastery’s main golden Buddha image is named “Phra Saen Sae Thongkham”.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang is also known for making herbal medicines and healing balms.

Definitely a unique and stunning temple for come to visit or make a merit.

Address: Mueang Lampang District, Lampang, Thailand
Phone: +66 5324 8604

-Thailand News (TN)

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