Idols From Thailand Who Charm With Their K-Pop

BlackPink at Korea Music Festival

BlackPink at Korea Music Festival. Photo: RAS 99 / YouTube. CC BY 3.0.

K-Pop agencies know very well that talent is not only concentrated in South Korea and that is why they hold their auditions in different countries, China, Japan, United States and even Australia have been perfect venues to find boys and girls with great musical skills.

Among the lineups of our favorite groups we can find artists who traveled from other countries to fulfill their dream of shining on stage; even moving alone to Korea to prepare themselves as trainees and finally make their debut.

From Thailand have also come idols demonstrating all their abilities to sing and dance, chosen to give their all with some K-Pop group become a great pride for their nation, some of the most beloved idols have Thai nationality.

Which Thai artists can we find in our favorite idol groups? Here are some of them who have stood out with all their talents in different groups, and even as solo artists.

7 Famous K-Pop Idols Who Came From Thaland

1. Lisa From BlackPink

Lalisa Manobal is one of the most loved idols and she came from Thailand to show her great skills, as a dancer she has stood out thanks to her ability and BLACKPINK has the great essence of Lalisa, since 2011 she came to Korea after passing YG Entertainment’s auditions.

2. Bam Bam From Got 7

In GOT7 we found Bam Bam who was born in Bangkok, Thailand and came to Korea when he was only 13 years old, auditioned for JYP Entertainment and then prepared for 3 and a half years before making his debut.

3. Ten From NCT

NCT has idols from many different nationalities and Ten came to represent Thailand, he won a contest in the country where the prize was to be a trainee for Starship Entertainment, but he later auditioned for SM Entertainment where he managed to debut with the NCT U sub-unit.

4. Minnie From (G)I-DLE

Minnie came to Korea and entered the modeling world to later become a trainee and debut as an idol of (G)I-DLE, but she was born in Bangkok, Thailand and is one of the most beloved idols in her country.

5. Sorn From CLC

CLC is a Cube Entertainment group, although Sorn is no longer part of it and is now a soloist, she debuted with this girl group, she came to Korea at a very young age but was born in Bangkok, Thailand.

6. Prince From GHOST9

Prince of GHOST9 was born in Bangkok, Thailand and his real name is Pasidh Vataniyapramote, he debuted at only 17 years old and shows all his talents in K-Pop.

7. Nichkhun From 2PM

Nichkhun is of American-Thai origin because although this 2PM idol was not born in Thailand, but in the United States, his parents are Thai.

All these Thai idols have managed to conquer the hearts of millions of K-Pop fans who can’t stop admiring them and they are a great source of pride for the Thai people.

-Thailand News (TN)

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